DUI Defense

Our firm has extensive experience in DUI defense. Our managing partner previously served as the DUI prosecutor for the city of Gulfport, and was instrumental in the development and implementation of trial practices and handling of forensic evidence in the busiest municipal court in the state.

Aggravated Felonies

We represent individuals who are investigated or charged with state and federal criminal offenses. We are frequently is asked to represent persons accused in high-profile cases. Currently, attorney Remy Orozco serves an ongoing term as a Panel Conflict Attorney for the Federal Court in the Southern District of Mississippi. Our team continues to provide aggressive representation with substantial experience in the following areas:

* Narcotics and Money Laundering Investigations and Prosecutions
* International Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions
* Wiretaps and Electronic Eavesdropping
* Response to Search Warrants and Property Seizures
* Federal Sentencing Issues
* Asset Forfeiture

Grand Jury and Investigative Representation

We represent people and businesses that are approached by law enforcement in connection with criminal investigations. We represent witnesses subpoenaed to testify or produce records, as well as people asked by law enforcement officers to answer questions.

High-Profile and High-Stakes Litigation

We have been called upon to represent numerous persons involved in high-profile and high-stakes litigation, each of which have had significant local and national media exposure. Cases with significant media exposure raise distinct issues and challenges for the criminal defense attorney and his client.