Immigrants are the bedrock of American society. We at Anderson Orozco are  help individuals navigate these complex areas of law.

Family Based Immigration

The goal of United States Immigration Law is to promote family reunification. This spirit is often lost in bureaucratic processes which may take months or years. We at Anderson Orozco believe that no individual should suffer the emotional and financial toll of being separated by loved ones. We understand the importance of what is at stake and zealously work to guide you through this process.

Removal Defense

Anderson Orozco understands that the United States Immigration Court can be an extremely frightening place. When faced with the possibility that you may be forced to leave your spouse, or children, it is critical to be represented by a professional and competent attorney who will fight for your rights. Our firm has represented thousands in immigration courts throughout the nation. We understand that each case is unique, and we take the time to ensure every individual has the strongest possible case.

Employment and Investor Based Immigration

Immigrants are critical to the strength of the American economy. Unfortunately, employment, and investor based immigration, is full of pitfalls, and may require simultaneous filings with multiple goverment agencies. We at Anderson/Orozco are glad to assist individuals, employees, and employers, obtain both immigrant and non-immigrant visas.